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health - Diabetes Centre of Sweet Clinics

  • Obesity Management

    Obesity has become the single biggest reason fortype 2 diabetes in India and the world. Most of this is due to the increasing sedentary lifestyle and abnormal eating habits. Even though most people blame new-age lifestyle as the cause for obesity, it’s primarily due to the mindless eating and lack of general awareness of oneself that is accelerating the process of becoming obese. Being Obese is an early sign that the body is out of balance and if left uncheck it can lead greater problems like Type-2 diabetes. Diabetes in turn is an early sign of greater things to come like Heart attack and various other ailments.

  • Diabetic Foot Care

    Diabetic foot is one of the most serious complications of diabetes that can affect any diabetic patient. If not treated well, the diabetic foot can be associated with devastating consequences such as loss of limb and life. According to the research, diabetic patients lose a limb every 20-30 seconds worldwide. Moreover, the risk of a diabetic patient getting amputation is 25% higher than that of the non-diabetic person. Approx 40,000 amputation surgeries are performed every year on diabetic patients. The good news is the condition is preventive. If cared properly, the patient can recover from diabetic foot without having to undergo amputation. Keep reading to learn more about the diabetic foot, its causes, and treatment options.

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